Can You Snorkel When it’s Raining?

Planning a snorkelling trip throughout the winter months? Or perhaps you’ve already booked your fantasy snorkelling holiday and just had a look at the weather forecast… uh-oh! Have you spotted rains coming? Will rain affect your snorkelling experience? Is rain going to make snorkelling more dangerous? The funny thing is that you’ll find the best […]

All You Need to Know About Snorkelling While Pregnant

If you’re reading this and you’re pregnant – first of all, congratulations! Secondly, you may have received the news that scuba diving while pregnant is an absolute no-no. For ladies who love to explore the underwater magic, this can be a bit of a disappointing discovery. Can you snorkel while pregnant, though? Absolutely! Snorkelling is […]

What Snorkelling Gear Should I Buy?

Heading on a snorkelling trip and want a good idea of what kind of snorkel equipment you should get? Or maybe you’re an interested snorkeller who’d like to take this hobby a little more seriously. Either way, we get a lot of questions from keen snorkellers who would like to build the ultimate snorkelling gear […]

What’s the Difference Between a Dive Mask and a Snorkel Mask? A Comparison

Keen to go for an underwater adventure but not quite sure if you should go for a snorkel mask or a dive mask? You’re not alone! We’ve seen a lot of curious snorkellers online asking about the difference between the two masks, and for good reason. Both masks are designed to give you crystal clear […]

Open Letter: Are Full Face Snorkel Masks Safe?

It’s time we talked about an important question that’s been popping up on snorkel websites and message boards everywhere. It’s controversial but it’s relevant to the safety of everyone out there who likes to dabble in snorkeling: Are full face snorkel masks safe to use? They came out of nowhere, they conquered the world of […]

5 Full Face Snorkel Mask Issues and How to Avoid Them

As with anything, full face snorkel masks have their issues. Nothing is perfect in this world, we’ve all got our flaws! While we reckon our Ninja Shark masks are quite solid (only because we’ve worked so hard to perfect them!), there are other snorkel masks out there that can cause a range of issues for […]

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Full Face Snorkel Masks?

Can’t resist the urge to spoil yourself with a full face snorkel mask? We understand, the temptation is insane. But with a piece of equipment like that, you want to make sure you do the necessary research before you buy. After all, the full face snorkel mask is designed to keep you safe underwater by […]

How Do I Measure My Face for a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

Just like clothes, you’ll find most awesome full face snorkel masks being sold online rather than in an actual brick & mortars store. There are heaps of reasons for that, but we’re not about to get into a rant about modern day conveniences and the ease and flexibility of buying online. Boring! Instead, we’re gonna […]