What is the First Colour to Disappear Underwater & Other Science-y Questions

Did you know that some colours disappear the further you go underwater? You might have already noticed, the avid little snorkellers and divers you are, that the further you go underwater, the less colours your eyes seem to pick up. Everything just looks blue or green, and that’s not just cos ‘water is blue’, it’s […]

What is a Reverse Block & Do earplugs help when diving?

If you’ve ever experienced ear pain or trouble equalising the pressure between your ears during a diving ascent, then you’ve likely experienced reverse block. Unlike ear squeeze, which happens on the descent, reverse block is experienced by divers during an ascent, and should be dealt with in its own way. There are many reasons why […]

What is a Mask Squeeze (or Face Squeeze)? or What is and Causes an Ear Squeeze?

Ever been hanging around some divers and seen someone with bulging red eyes like something out of a zombie flick? Or perhaps you’ve been that person yourself at some point. Those blood red, puffy eyes are a result of a mask squeeze, otherwise known as a face squeeze, and it’s a fairly common occurrence amongst […]