Can You Snorkel if You Wear Glasses? What About Scuba Dive or Swimming Pool?

Can you snorkel if you wear glasses? Can you go snorkeling if you wear glasses? There’s a significant number of you out there wearing glasses, and a question we get asked a lot is whether you can wear glasses while snorkelling. As dreamy as that may be, the short answer is that unfortunately no, you […]

Can You Breathe Underwater With a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

We get a lot of questions from people who want to know how breathing works on a full face snorkel mask. Can you really breathe underwater as if you’re not underwater? Does it really help to ease the anxiety associated with breathing with a traditional snorkel mask? How does it all work, anyway? Well, we’ve […]

Full Face Snorkel Masks vs Traditional Snorkel Masks

If you’re an avid snorkeller, you’ll have noticed full face snorkel masks floating on the scene and causing a stir with their revolutionary design. Even as a snorkelling newbie, you’re sure to have seen full face snorkel masks while shopping around for the perfect piece of snorkelling equipment. It’s pretty obvious just by looking at […]