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Diving vs Scuba Diving

There’s diving from a board into the water, then there’s diving from a boat under the water. Scuba diving, freediving, regular diving… if you’re not a seasoned diver then all these terms can start to get a little baffling! We’ve already looked at the difference between scuba diving and freediving, so today we’ll explore scuba […]

9 Different Types of Diving

So you’ve got a scuba diving certification – great! You’ve been scuba diving, fantastic! But did you know there are other types of diving you can try? From night dives to ice dives and cave dives, here are the different types of diving you should try now that you have your open water certification… 1. […]

How a Diving Regulator Works

A scuba diving regulator is no ordinary piece of equipment. For divers, regulators are the lifeline that connects them to the precious air inside their tank. And since they’re often going deep below water for long periods of time, you better bet that divers will be interested in regulators! While you might think regulators have […]

What’s the Difference Between a Dive Mask and a Snorkel Mask? A Comparison

Keen to go for an underwater adventure but not quite sure if you should go for a snorkel mask or a dive mask? You’re not alone! We’ve seen a lot of curious snorkellers online asking about the difference between the two masks, and for good reason. Both masks are designed to give you crystal clear […]