You already know that there are lots of beautiful fish species to see underwater, but what else should you look out for when snorkelling? Here are our top 5 things to see underwater that aren’t fish… pop on your snorkel mask and go explore these incredible sights!

1. Shipwrecks

Do a little research and you’d be surprised at how many shipwrecks there are underwater, just waiting to be discovered. Full of mystery, beauty, and adventure, there’s nothing like popping on your snorkel mask and exploring a shipwreck underwater.

2. Volcanic bubbles

Ever wanted to swim in a sea of champagne bubbles? In some parts of Dominica, you can. The Caribbean island is dotted with underwater volcanoes, and jumping in with a snorkel on gives you the best chance of experiencing these beauties up close and personal.

3. Tectonic plates

Tectonic plates are huge slabs of solid rock that basically hold the Earth together, and in Iceland, you can snorkel in between two tectonic plates. It’s the only place on the planet where you can slither your body in these deep grooves…

4. Jellyfish

There’s jellyfish, and then there’s jellyfish. Don’t underestimate the serious beauty and grace of jellyfish! As long as they’re not the dangerous kind, snorkelling amongst a sea of jellyfish gives you a chance to examine their weird bodies up close, rather than from the sand.

5. Coral reefs

Let’s face it, you just can’t experience a coral reef properly unless you have a good snorkel mask on. Crystal clear vision of all the incredible colours, textures, and shapes of coral reefs gives you such a wonderful insight into the massive world underwater. The fish are a bonus!

Get out and explore the sea!

There’s only one way to experience the beauty underwater, and that’s with a snorkel mask. Our snorkel masks give you 180-degree HD vision with a flat lens snorkel, easy breathing with our full face design, and comfort for hours with our soft, flexible silicone. We’ve made it easy to uncover the explorer in you.


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